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  • Wrapping up a VR play for live theatre

    Wrapping up a VR play for live theatre

    Ten days ago I had the pleasure of presenting “Constellations” a hybrid #VR/live student play at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. Beyond testing the capabilities of the new Showtime VR cloud service (cheaper, with some caveats), we observed how an audience would receive a play about multiverses (originally penned by Nick Payne) adapted to also include the…

  • Making a VR Play

    Making a VR Play

    “I just had an idea”…and after two years of pandemic, two rewritten thesis chapters, one remote workshop, one hands-in training (with a recap handbook and test reading!), we are ready to start doing VR performances!Constellations is my third year project for my PhD, a play I didn’t write but I have learned to love as my…

  • How many blogs are too many?

    How many blogs are too many?

    I think I opened my first blog fifteen years ago. That initial blog was full of posts about teenagehood,  which I ended shutting down after I offended someone. The horror of offending someone made me shut down a blog (can you imagine that happenning in 2020?). I had a cooking blog, a fotolog, and n-number…

  • On Spaces

    On Spaces

    This is a quick writing I made for my Research Methodology class. “Activity in space is restricted by that space; space decides what activity may occur, but even this ‘decision’ has limits placed upon it. Space lays down the law because it implies a certain order – and hence also a certain disorder (just as…

  • The Effect of Affect

    The Effect of Affect

    Affect is so poetic for me. It reminds me of chivalry, of the phrase “I don’t need to like you to love you”, of gestures.

  • Lockdown


    Basically one person wrote, another narrated the voice over, another filmed and another scored. A kind of “delicious corpse” collaboration that spanned a week.