How many blogs are too many?

I think I opened my first blog fifteen years ago.

That initial blog was full of posts about teenagehood,  which I ended shutting down after I offended someone. The horror of offending someone made me shut down a blog (can you imagine that happenning in 2020?).

I had a cooking blog, a fotolog, and n-number of failed blog enterprises. And yet I hear the call of the siren again.

I want to open a new, well two, new blogs.

The horror.

Initially I wanted to make this the blog “to rule them all”. All of my crazy musings about VR, film, and marketing in a single place. But I had a very sugarfree feedback on my site recently from a very kind (in a sort of “I’m not your friend, so I can tell you the truth”) volunteer mentor:

“I recommend you double down on one specific thing.”

One? One. As in 1.

Fork in the road

So here we are. Me dragging my feet at taking action, when I said I would be done tinkering with the site by the end of June.

It’s mid-September.

So probably I’ll end up with a couple (maybe three because why not) new sites and leave this one for a single goal.

So that’s the answer.

There is no such thing about having too many blogs, but it’s possible to have too many blogs in a single one.

Maybe, in a year, I will end up shutting down everything again.

Maybe, in a year, I get a new mentor who convinces me of choosing a different road.

Maybe, in a year, I will have three or four amazing self-standing blogs I care about.

One here is sure, I will never stop trying.

Photo by Jens Lelie on Unsplash

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