The Effect of Affect

Words have different meaning across the art disciplines. This makes it difficult to create interdisciplinary conversation, but may offer transdisciplinary perks.

The above floorplan is of a space that doesn’t exist. We are working on creating a narrative in my current Research Methodology class with (pause) MA Contemporary Performance students. So for the first time in 22 years, I’m back in the dance floor three times a week, with FULL-TIME, PROFESSIONALLY TRAINED dancers.

Today we were discussing the word “affect” as my little team drew a place that is not real, but soon will be. 

Affect is so poetic for me. It reminds me of chivalry, of the phrase “I don’t need to like you to love you”, of gestures.

For my academic lead, it’s spatial. It’s the why of the space. Bizarre, if I think back of the odd spaces I’ve lived in over the years: a kitchen with plastic surfaces and no table, a house with no living room, a studio with two rooms.

It’s hard to talk if we depart from our disciplines, but what if we beyond that. I’m talking transdisciplinary. Reminds me about the elephant story and the three blind men.

We all can feel different things from our end, but maybe the truth is the addition of all perspective. Could affection be shaped by the spaces we have lived?


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